SELFCARE SATURDAY – 5 Ways To Practise Thyroid Self-Care … 

Self-care is the very practice of taking action to preserve or improve your health.
The key is to keep trying and to stick with a routine so that you don’t neglect taking care of yourself as you manage low thyroid. 
The “four pillars of health” are exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress management — and that’s true for managing Hypothyroidism too.
You can follow the following self care practices to manage Hypothyroidism better…
– Have Comprehensive Testing
– Exercise in The Right Way
– Optimise Rest
– Eat Nutritiously
– Embrace Being Your Own Thyroid Health Advocate
Most importantly, listen to your body. You know better than anyone if something isn’t right and if you’re still not feeling as well as you could do, you deserve to push for a better quality of life.
Do you practise these forms of thyroid health ‘self-care’?
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